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House of Hope Christian School & Community Center

After a lot of prayer and seeking the Lord, we believe God is leading us to start House of Hope, a Christian school and community center in Canaan, Haiti.  Kingdom Kids Homes has been serving in Canaan for almost 2 years now, and since we have started doing ministry in that area, we have felt compelled to help the people who live there. The region of Canaan came into existence after the massive 2010 Haiti earthquake. People who lost their homes in the earthquake moved to the mountains of Canaan to attempt to restart their life. The people in this area live in extreme poverty lacking food, clean water, electricity, sanitation systems, education, medical care, and suitable shelters to live in. Through House of Hope, we plan to reach the people of Canaan and to give families who have felt hopeless for a long time HOPE through meeting practical needs and by giving them the HOPE that comes from knowing Jesus Christ! 

Homes in Canaan, Haiti.

Homes in Canaan, Haiti.

Kids we currently work with in Canaan, Haiti who are not attending school.

Kids we currently work with in Canaan, Haiti who are not attending school.

Our Goals for House of hope:

1. To Meet Educational Needs

 Our goal is bring up the next generation of leaders in Haiti and to empower them to change their nation for Jesus Christ, but we realize this cannot be done properly if the children are not educated. If the children do not posses simple skills, such as reading and writing, it will be nearly impossible for them to grow up and be in positions of influence if they do not have an education. The children we know of who live in Canaan do not go to school mainly because there is no school for them to attend.  Even if there was a school, the families would not be able to afford it. We want to give these children a Christian education so they can grow up and have the bright future they deserve. 

2. To Meet Practical Needs

 Our goal is to minister to families in the region of Canaan by meeting basic, practical needs. We want to see House of Hope be used as a  community center where the families living in this region can go to take a shower, receive medical care, have a nutritious meal, or get clean water. Taking care of these simple needs will change the lives of many families in Canaan. 

3. To Meet Spiritual Needs

Our goal is for our Christian school to be more than just a place where children get a Christian education, but to be a discipleship program focused on raising up the next generation of leaders.  We want to give our students the tools and training they need to take the message of Jesus Christ into their world. We want to teach our students how to have a heart of worship, how to share their testimony, how to pray, and how to lead others to the Lord. In addition to discipling children, we plan on partnering with a local church in Canaan to have a church meet at House of Hope on Sundays. Our desire is for House of Hope to be a place of worship where people can seek the Lord and where God is glorified. 


Our Vision:


How you can help!

1. Give to this Project

 If you would like to give a donation towards this project, go to our One Time Gift page and type "House of Hope" in the Gift Type box and we will put your donation towards funding this project! You can also write a check to Kingdom Kids Homes and mail it to our PO Box (PO Box 984 Troy, MI 48099) with "House of Hope" written on the memo line of your check.

2. Share this Project

 If you know of a school, church, friends, or a group in your community who you think would be interested in getting involved with our House of Hope project through fundraising, going on a trip, or in some other capacity, please share this project with them! If you have questions, please email us at info@kingdomkidshomes.org.

3. Pray for this Project

We would love for you to partner with us in prayer and for you to pray that God opens the doors and makes the way throughout this entire project!

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