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The Sunshine Kids is a children's ministry located in Canaan, a very poor and mountainous region of Haiti. Kingdom Kids Homes met the Sunshine Kids on our first trip to Haiti in the summer of 2015. The families and children in Canaan live in extreme poverty without secure shelters, clean water, any kind of sanitation system, and no education. The leaders of the Sunshine Kids started this children's ministry to teach the children of Canaan about the Lord, to give them an education, and to engage the children in fun activities, such as teaching them how to sing and dance. The Sunshine Kids has an average of 70 children in their ministry and they used to meet under this small tarp held up by four sticks in the image below. 

Kingdom Kids Homes is excited to partner with the Sunshine Kids to help enhance their community! On April 26th, 2016, we opened The Sunshine Kids Club (see the pictures below). This shelter now stands where the tent above used to be. The Sunshine Kids Club gives the children's ministry a more permanent and secure place to educate the children and to teach them about Jesus! The structure will also give the people in this community a place to meet for church, a bathroom, an office for the leaders of the ministry, and a water tower to provide clean drinking water. We are humbled and honored to play a part in changing the lives of the children and families in Canaan, Haiti and excited to lead them closer to Christ through this project! 

We are grateful for VOX Church for partnering with us on this project to help our friends the Sunshine Kids. If you, your organization, or your church would like to partner with Kingdom Kids Homes next project in Haiti, please email to learn more information.  

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